The Dawn of Man, giclee, 1998

The Dawn of Man, giclee, 1998

In The Dawn of Man, 1998, Bunkall explores selecting a specific icon, The Chrysler Building in New York, and suspends it inside an enormous structure. Is it being preserved for future generations, or recently unearthed for study? Paul Karlstrom, Ph.D, writes about Bunkall’s work, “…entitled “The Dawn of Man’, this elision of the distinction among past, present and future. This journey through time is what the piece metaphorically engages and eloquently invites us to share. As with Odysseus, the true meaning lies in the events, the discoveries, and in the journey itself, not in it’s destination or objective.

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Image Size: 15″ x 24″
Paper Size: 21″ x 30″

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