Louvre in Flight, photogravure, 1999

Louvre in Flight, photogravure, 1999

Bunkall turned to photogravures – a combination of two favorite mediums – photography and printmaking. With his physical limitations it was the last artistic process he committed to; a copper printing plate and a positive transparency from his personal photograph of the Louvre. The Louvre in Flight symbolizes time passing, and metaphorically engages us into believing that it is not about destination or objective, but the journey itself that is important. A very limited edition of ten hand made original photogravure prints were completed under Bunkall’s supervision.

The photogravure began as an engraving technique known as photoglyphic engraving, patented in the mid 1800s. Photogravure is an intaglio printmaking process using a copper plate, coated with a light-sensitive gelatin tissue which has been exposed to a film positive and then etched into the plate. The printer forces ink into the depressed areas of the plate, wipes the surface of the plate and passes it through a press with a sheet of archival paper. This process forces the paper into inked incisions, where it picks up the ink and reproduces the detail and continuous tones of the photograph.

Limited Edition Photogravure on Paper

Image Size: 14″ x 18″
Paper Size: 20″ x 24″

Limited Edition of 10
Estate Signed and Numbered
Limited Quantity of 6 remaining

This limited edition photogravure is printed with archival ink on 100% rag archival paper. Each print is hand numbered, titled and estate signed with a certificate of authenticity. The print has a three inch off-white border with a deckled edge and is unframed in a clear archival protective sleeve, carefully packaged flat in a custom built folder for shipping. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for packing and delivery.

Price: $1,600